We are happy to announce that we are now using submittable.

weirderary was founded on the idea that difference should be embraced, not condemned. In writing, we enjoy the unusual. We want to be surprised. We appreciate humor, but that doesn’t only mean light-hearted and goofy. Feel free to go dark. Get serious, just do it in a form or from a perspective we don’t see very often. Cross genre lines and experiment. Send us the work you don’t know how to define.

Submitting guidelines:

  • Please tell us the word count (if applicable)
  • Please do not submit more than one item per category at a time
  • We allow simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us right away if your work is accepted elsewhere
  • We prefer previously unpublished work, but will occasionally accept published work if it is an exceptionally good fit


FLASH (fiction or non): max 500 words

FICTION: max 2,000 words

NONFICTION: max 2,000 words

COMICS: yes, please

ART: def go for it


Note: For previously unpublished work, we ask for first serial rights and first electronic rights. For previously published work, we ask for one-time rights. We also ask for electronic archival rights for all work (meaning once it’s up on our site, we have the right to keep it there forever). All other rights revert to the author upon publication.

Unfortunately, we are not able to pay contributors at this time.