Review of New Pages' Review of weirderary by Gary Cunningham

[Editor’s’ Note: About two weeks ago, Gary showed up at our office. We hadn’t had any mail since the last issue (because of a green initiative we started pushing). He had this lonely look on his face and said “Got any reviews?”
We’ve been distancing ourselves from Gary lately, because he makes us sad, so we didn’t want anything from him for this issue. To brush him off politely, we told him that New Pages had reviewed us. He asked us to send him the link.
Apparently, he was confused. Three days ago, he sent us this review.]
screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-21-02-pmNew Pages is online. I can’t find an address anywhere on their website. I emailed them and am waiting to hear back.
On August 16th, Katy Haas reviewed weirderary, where I am the mailman. The people at weirderary are nice. They’re probably some of my best friends.
I like the part of the review where Haas breaks down the sections of weirderary. It almost reads like a list of streets where you can find certain addresses. It made me think about how much the editors at weirderary have learned from me being around. It’s nice to be needed.  
I’m really happy to be reviewing something online. My ex-wife has a boyfriend who knows a lot about the internet, and my oldest daughter, Bethany, asked me why I’m a mailman if everyone can just e-mail everything. Then she told me that her school was pushing a green initiative and that she wouldn’t ever send a letter in the mail because it’s bad for the planet.
In the review, Haas talks about weirderary being the weird kid in high school. Bethany’s in high school. Maybe I’ll show her weirderary and tell her how I’m involved and she’ll stop calling this other guy “dad” and come visit me for the holidays.
[Final editor’s note: As part of our current green initiative, we’ve fired our mailman, Gary Cunningham.]
Gary Cunningham is a mailman and model train enthusiast from outside of Richmond, Virginia. He will answer any post office-related inquiries through his gmail account at He’s not married anymore, but he and his wife are amicable. He has four children, of whom he is extremely proud.

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