Review of by Gary Cunningham

Editors’ Note: Last issue, we fired Gary Cunningham, our mailman and contributor of reviews and interviews.
A few weeks ago, we received a letter from Gary, which is transcribed below. For obvious reasons, we will no longer post submissions from Gary.
weirderary is an online website. They will pretend to be your best friend and then fire you.
Making an online website isn’t hard. What’s hard is waking up and putting Penny Savers in nearly sixty mailboxes every morning. What’s hard is sending a check to Kevin every month so he can turn your own kids against you. What’s hard is thinking that someone appreciates the mail you deliver and the postal perspective you bring to their online website only to find out that they were laughing behind your back the entire time and using email and the internet.
weirderary has three or four issues. They have stories by multiple people.
weirderary and Kevin can both just go to hell.
I’m making my own online website. It is We are open to submissions.
Gary Cunningham is a mailman and model train enthusiast from outside of Richmond, Virginia. He will answer any post office-related inquiries through his gmail account at He’s not married anymore, but he and his wife are amicable. He has four children, of whom he is extremely proud.

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