Issue Three Letter from the Editors & Masthead

Floro Blues Jelly fish by CoCo Harris
Floro Blues Jelly fish by CoCo Harris

Issue Three Masthead
Founding Editors
Colleen Kolba
T.J. Murray
Jay Thompson

Alexander Cendrowski
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Issue Three Letter from the Editors

We had trouble writing our Issue Three letter. As you surely know, at the beginning of this week, a gunman massacred forty-nine people in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The shooting supersedes anything we would’ve wanted to say about writing or art. The shooting is incomprehensible. Devastating. The only words that seem to make sense are the ones we keep seeing again and again: “There are no words.”

We wanted to use this issue’s letter to reiterate what weirderary stands for: not only acceptance of, but delight in and celebration of difference and diversity. We send love to the Orlando victims and their friends and families. Although their lives can never be brought back, we still want to do something. We hope you do, too. As of now, we know we can donate money, donate blood, and contact our politicians to talk about gun legislation. 

We also plan to continue doing our modest part in expanding American culture, helping it become more open, expansive, and accepting. We plan to continue amplifying voices that are not always heard in media. We plan to continue to view “weird” as a badge of honor, an indicator of authenticity, not an insult.

 CoCo Harris is constantly exploring the notion of how we tell the stories of our lives. Her story began in Atlanta, GA and has traversed the Washington, DC metro area; Nigeria, West Africa; Seattle, WA; Louisville, KY; Coastal Georgia, Hawai’I, Central PA’s Susquehanna Valley, and Greenville, SC. She is the Founding Editor of Telling Our Stories Press—an imprint showcasing the art of short memoirs and personal narratives. CoCo’s short memoir, diary entries and photography appear inBlood Lotus, Kindred, Sun Star Review, Gravel and The Raven’s Perch and the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery SKIES juried exhibit. To learn more, visit

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