Issue Five Letter from the Editor

Issue Five Letter from the Editor

Jay Summer

T.J. Murray, Colleen Kolba, Lara Lillibridge, Alex Cendrowski

Gary Cunningham

Welcome to Issue Five. This is a slim issue, but the pieces it contains are as deep and lively as ever. Please start by checking out our wonderful comics by Laura Kraay (Still Life), which I view as both a quirky thought experiment using the personification of nature and a gentle nudge reminding us how often we take for granted our own natural beauty and excellence.

Next, click down the line, reading our characteristically unusual fiction and poetry, such as “Family Tradition” by Gordon Brown, which pairs perfectly with art by Dejv Mutnjakovic, and the short but wonderfully sweet “When it Rains,” a haiku by Scott Hubbard. Finally, end with our likely last ever contribution by Gary Cunningham, a not-completely-positive review of us, weirderary.

We hope you enjoy Issue Five, and the issues we put out before this. We are, as always, thankful for all of our supporters. If any of you would like free stickers, either follow and DM us on twitter, or send us an email with your address in it at

Happy reading!

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