Issue Two

Zipped-Pulled by Maryrose Smyth
Zipped-Pulled by MK Smyth

Issue Two Letter From The Editors
Breaking Up by Mike Yoon
i knew your sister was a slut! by Christine Tierney
I’m Just a Jealous Guy by Bart Van Goethem
Parallel Tiphony by Kate E Lore
Sugar Family by Cathy Ulrich
Tongue Bits by Mary Long
Waterloo Doesn’t Fix A Lightbulb by Kate LaDew
What Happens After You Die by Ken Mootz
Eye C by Janne Karlsson
Eye O U by Janne Karlsson
Why Art Rocks by Kenny Gould
Creative Nonfiction
Microbio-ME by Samantha Kelly
David Lynch’s Maestà by Hannah Cohen
Fracturing by Yuan Changming
Gator Poem 2 by John Stupp
Neighbors by Connor Rice
She Came Out From Under the Bed #1 and #2 by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
The Only Reason the Audience Finds the Erotic Poet’s Work So Uncomfortable by CLS Ferguson
all groan up now by Ben Miller
Logical Determinism by Jennifer Met
Food and Bev: Milk by Beverly Bounce House
Interview with Jacob Appel by Gary Cunningham
Interview with John Fleming by Jessica Thompson
Book and Film Reviews
Caitlin Doughty’s Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Book Review by Colleen Kolba
Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow Is Sincerely Weird (and Weirdly Sincere)
by T.J. Murray

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor’s Welcome to Night Vale Book Review
by Alexander Cendrowski

My Rabid Fan Review of Lidia Yuknavitch’s Chronology of Water by Lara Lillibridge
Sara June Woods’ Wolf Doctors Book Review by Jessica Thompson
MK Smyth is passionate about poetry, painting, and making stuff. Preserving the peace in an outer ring planet she and her husband stumbled upon in a Los Angeles foothill canyon light years ago.

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