Issue Three

I need a chaperone by Katie Anhalt
I need a chaperone by Katie Anhalt

Issue Three Letter from the Editors & Masthead
Ascension by Lindsay Fowler (Artists: S Cearley & Sarah Shields)
Downsized by Matt Dube (Artist: Susan Solomon)
Malice by Adreyo Sen (Artists: S Cearley & Sarah Shields)
Poison Tree by Laura Martin (Artist: Anthony Knott)
Tattered Atlas by Laura Ingram (Artist: Tiegan Dakin)
When the Boy Takes Up Serpents by Ann Stewart McBee (Artist: Anthony Knott)
Creative Nonfiction
A Love Letter to The Field by Julieta Roll (Artist: Coco Harris)
Definitions & Diatribes by Jon Steinberg (Artist: Tiegan Dakin)
Field Markings by Daniel Bourne (Artist: Susan Solomon)
For Rachel Corrie by James Reidel (Artist: Susan Solomon)
The Dream of Hair by Lois Marie Harrod (Artist: Anthony Knott)
Two Poems by Genelle Chaconas (Artist: Katie Anhalt)
The Red Priestess (video) by Hannah Barnhardt
Interview with Jacob Appel by Alexander Cendrowski
Interview with Jane Liddell by T.J. Murray
Book Reviews
I’m Never Celebrating Thanksgiving Again: A Review of Kelly Cutrone’s Normal Gets You Nowhere by Jay Thompson
Katie Anhalt is an artist, performer, and writer from Denver, Colorado. She studied traditional photography in college, earning a degree in Fine Arts. Today she uses various processes including both film and digital photography, polaroid, and manual alteration of printed images through collage and watercolor. She lives in a shoebox at the top of a hill in the Alps, where she enjoys pressing buttons on her pixel machine and talking to herself in German.

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