Noelle Stevenson's Nimona Book Review by TJ Murray

nimona by noelle stevensonA wishlist for my life:
I want to be a dragon sometimes.
And I don’t want to get any guff.
And I want wicked cool hair.
And I want to have an air of mystery.
And I want to be so snarky.
And…and I want to just go around and do whatever the flip I want.
Pretty much, I want to be Nimona from Noelle Stevenson’s aptly titled Nimona.
Who’s Nimona and what’s so weird about her story?
Well, imagine:
A snarky shapeshifter lounging around the lair of the nefarious (but so cool in a science way) Ballister Blackheart.
Bureaucratic heroics pitting Nimona and Blackheart against the golden-clad, dreamy-haired Sir Goldenloin (that’s right: Goldenloin is now a name thanks to Stevenson!).
A super villain and sidekick bonding over a board game and chowing on pizza.
A world where the line between magic and science is so blurry that it all makes sense. And the same thing happening between heroics and villainy.
Backstories exploding into surprisingly intense climaxes. For real, as great as this book is, it takes a turn for the awesome. But I can’t say anything about it, because spoilers. Email one of our interns here if you want to know what happens.
There is no pomp to Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona. It’s unfettered fun, which happens to fuel a sometimes funny and sometimes tragic story, all in the midst of so many mysteries.
You can catch a glimpse of the first few chapters of Nimona over at her website for absolutely free! And then you buy it here.
You guys, it’s so good.
And oh yeah: health insurance. I want good health insurance.
T.J. Murray is a writer and cartoonist from Hornell, NY. His work has appeared in Hobart, The Rumpus, Monkeybicycle, and theeeel. His twitter handle is @tjmurray83. He’s on tumblr at He has a wife and a cat and his own Netflix account (contact me for username and password [will share with first three people]).

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