Two Poems by Jake Grieco

Graffiti by Amy Kotthaus
Graffiti by Amy Kotthaus

tues. morn.
today will be a happy day
I got a yellow gatorade
I don’t need to have sex
until I do
do you wanna think of something else
we can
for me
to feel inside of you?
let me write poems down your spin
nah your nipples are just around
the corner over there & I couldn’t
bear them bare & would
poke them with something.
do you wanna
die some days?
some days I do
I don’t
nope not today!
(drinking yellow gatorade)
pill pal
I was an island
of glass bottles
then my horse died
symbolic & hyperbolic
I became a hurricane
above the only island
named for woman
personally I am happy
with the ant problem
there is more of me
than there has ever been
another annoying roommate
another suspicion of me
being incomplete
my sentence
to watch TV
my sentience
is a sentiment
I don’t want
I have to want
singing wabi sabi
reading elvis songs
right eye water
left eye darting
from one slim jim to another
I’d always like another
scoop of powder
powering this powerade
even purple will burn
out eventually
when there is sky
for days
why is pure emotion
not a pure intention
all of my friends are drugs
all of my habits are facts
Jake Grieco is a MFA candidate at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodies Poetics, a Slytherin and a Scorpio. He’s from Cincinnati where people put chocolate cinnamon chili on hot dogs, but he now lives in Denver, Colorado, where people smoke weed.
Amy Kotthaus is a writer, painter, translator, and photographer. Her work includes poetry, Latin translation, abstract painting, and black and white photography. She received her B.A. in English from the University of Southern Maine, and she currently lives in Maine with her husband and children.

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