Two Poems by Genelle Chaconas

The Animal by Katie Anhault
The Animal by Katie Anhalt

How To Seduce Me Without Even Trying
You know what you’ll do to me we’ll be trapped in that corridor or crawlspace hiding as they search or behind the curtain at a movie theatre our breath heavy hard but quiet it rustles the dust on the screen with nervous force in that crackling invisible pull new gravity my hand somehow at the top of your exposed thigh near the garter you’re too subtle and innocent to be real you want to think it’s my decision that our kiss is my victory that and don’t already know you could have me anywhere in the safehouses of your fantasies to hotel rooms you possess like a dark velvet matron you could have lured me to a brink and let me fall.
The Gauntlet
It’s like having a weapon you say you take my hand and run it across each of the fine lines that stripe your inner thigh I would have seen them in the right light watch the thin blade of fiber appear on the surface it’s like the seam of grotesque stockings somehow I’ve gotten this far I want to ask what is this to you a tally the mark of well got quarry the emblems the spoils of a battlefield what haunts your mystic sigils I remember I used to decorate my rooms with broken bottles do it yourself style why my neighbors never called the police I can’t imagine I loved it soon every room of my apartment like a battlefield I braved it in the dark catching my feet hands on the harsh edges it was like a nightmare zone it was like static trauma do you know what I know that we’ve been born into more than we deserve that we have nothing left to test us.
Genelle Chaconas is genderfluid, queer, feminist, an abuse survivor, post-employed and proud. They graduated from Naropa University with an MFA in Writing and Poetics in 2015. Their first chapbook is Fallout, Saints and Dirty Pictures (little m press, 2011). They hope these poems engage with queer identity and desire, investigate how queerness complicates or alters abuse and self-abuse narratives, and explore how these narratives nurture or pollute their relationship to themself and others.
Katie Anhalt is an artist, performer, and writer from Denver, Colorado. She studied traditional photography in college, earning a degree in Fine Arts. Today she uses various processes including both film and digital photography, polaroid, and manual alteration of printed images through collage and watercolor. She lives in a shoebox at the top of a hill in the Alps, where she enjoys pressing buttons on her pixel machine and talking to herself in German.

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