The Dream of Hair by Lois Marie Harrod

Her Beloved Sterling Silver Boy Cropped by Anthony Knott
Her Beloved Sterling Silver Boy by Anthony Knott

The Dream of Hair
The scientist said
it was not true
that hair continues
to grow in the coffin, nailed,
my smooth body,
body, breasts
silk and belly,
no longer smooth
but covered with hair,
thin and stringy
something I knew
I must shave away,
but my breasts
kept rising like dough,
like scoops of cream
through that nest of hair,
and you touched them,
settled in.
It was more than I
could bear.
Lois Marie Harrod is the author of 6 poetry books and 10 chapbooks. Nightmares of the Minor Poet  (Five Oaks Press) is forthcoming. She also writes short stories and teaches adjunct at the The College of New Jersey. Her work has appeared in print journals and online ezines from American Poetry Review  to Zone 3. Visit for online links.
Anthony Knott took early retirement from medicine to create imagery and write fiction. All of it is for sale, of course, and the intention is to entertain not necessarily edify. He is particularly interested in the pulp-flash-fiction-collage-making genre. twitter: absurdistarts

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