Issue Four Letter from the Editors & Masthead

healthgoth by Jake Grieco
healthgoth by Jake Grieco

Issue Three Masthead
Founding Editors
Colleen Kolba
T.J. Murray
Jay Thompson

Alexander Cendrowski (fiction)
Gillian Lee (poetry)
Lara Lillibridge (nonfiction)

Issue Four Letter from the Editors
Hello, dear weirderary readers. Welcome to Issue Four.

Can you believe it? This issue marks the beginning of our second year.
We’ve learned a lot and feel like we’re getting into a groove. Thank you for reading, and please, if you agree with our perspective of accepting and appreciating difference, diversity–even “weirdness”–and you write, draw, paint, or create anything that can be digitized, please submit come December 1st when we open back up. 
Jay, TJ, and Colleen
Jake Grieco is a MFA candidate at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodies Poetics, a Slytherin and a Scorpio. He’s from Cincinnati where people put chocolate cinnamon chili on hot dogs, but he now lives in Denver, Colorado, where people smoke weed.

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