Field Markings by Daniel Bourne

Duck by Susan Solomon
Duck by Susan Solomon

Field Markings
It is those red tips on the secondaries of waxwings
That make me notice how much my love of birds
Has always involved sex, the graphic display
Of raw pinks in innocent spaces:
The fierce throb of a rose-breasted grosbeak
Before everything goes, as it always does
Down south to the steam of the tropics.
Daniel Bourne’s poems have appeared in Guernica, Ploughshares, Field, Plume, APR, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah,Conduit, Salmagundi, and elsewhere. His books include The Household Gods, Where No One Spoke the Language, and a collection of translations of Polish political poet Tomasz Jastrun, On the Crossroads of Asia and Europe.  He teaches at The College of Wooster, where he edits Artful Dodge. Since 1980 he has also lived in Poland off and on, including on a Fulbright fellowship in 1985-87. twitter: ArtfulDodgeMag
Susan Solomon is a freelance paintress living in the beautiful Twin Cities area of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. She loves working with poets and short story writers, painting impressions of their words. Her site is twitter: @solomon_painter

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