Academics by Laura Lee Washburn

W. Jack Savage
The Memory Lasted Too Long by W. Jack Savage

After days of writing the dossier,
I dream of formatting: indents,
and undoing the autoformat.
I have three large bags of rice,
say 20 pounds each, in printed canvas bags.
I am trying to insert them on page sixteen,
Roman numeral four, subsection B, number 2.
Three colleagues have given me one
20 lb bag of rice each, but one is damp
and I can’t let the rice absorb more water.
The formatting will be ruined, and I’m not sure
which of the three to blame, for certainly
this damp rice is a deliberate trap and deceit.
Laura Lee Washburn,  Director of Creative Writing at Pittsburg State University, is the author of This Good Warm Place (March Street) and Watching the Contortionists (Palanquin Chapbook Prize).  Her poetry has appeared in such journals as Carolina Quarterly, 9th Letter, The Sun, Red Rock Review, and Valparaiso Review. (Facebook, website)
W. Jack Savage is a retired broadcaster and educator. He is the author of seven books including Imagination: The Art of W. Jack Savage. To date, more than fifty of Jack’s short stories and over four-hundred of his paintings and drawings have been published worldwide. Jack and his wife Kathy live in Monrovia, California. (website)

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