Goodbye, weirderary

star man by denny

Star Man by Denny E. Marshall

Dear loyal weirderary readers,

I’m writing to say goodbye. We’ve had a good run, but it’s time to move on.

TJ, Colleen, and I began weirderary in 2015 with eagerness, excitement, and optimism. Later, Lara and Alex joined us as readers and contributors. We put out a good lit mag for a couple years, and I’m grateful.

Founding and editing weirderary gave us a chance to read and publish a wide variety of work, conduct some cool interviews, and write fun book reviews.

There’s no depressing or dramatic reason we’re shutting weirderary down, other than we feel it has run its course. The three of us have grown creatively and moved our attention to other projects. Instead of viewing this as a sad thing, I like to view it as smart. Some people have trouble admitting when it’s time to move on from something, and keep dragging it out half-heartedly until it’s awkward for everyone. We aren’t those people.

I chose “Star Man” as the art to accompany this letter because I like to think it exemplifies not only how we felt beginning weirderary, but also how we feel moving on to other creative arenas in our lives. Please follow us on twitter if you’re interested in our individual creative paths: Jay, TJ, Colleen, Lara, Alex.

Stay weird,


Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published. One recent credit for interior art is Meat For Tea Vol. 12 Issue 1 March 2018. See more at