Issue Four

negatice creep by Jake Grieco

negatice creep by Jake Grieco

Issue Four Letter from the Editors & Masthead

Crossword Confession by Addison James

Creative Nonfiction
One Bathroom in Pittsburgh by Donna Marsh (Artist: Duane Locke)
Saying Names by Jon Gleason (Artist: Gregg Williard)

Sweet Relief by Dan Kennard (Artist: W. Jack Savage)
The Singing Teeth by K.C. Mead-Brewer (Artist: Duane Locke)

Five Poems by Steven and Benjamin Ostrowski (Artist: W. Jack Savage)
Two Poems by Jake Grieco (Artist: Amy Kotthaus)
Two Poems by Danielle Zaccagnino (Artist: Jake Grieco)

Interview with Jacob Appel by T.J. Murray

A Review of Alejandro Zambra’s Multiple Choice (translated by Megan McDowell) by Lara Lillibridge
Review of New Pages’ Review of weirderary by Gary Cunningham

Jake Grieco is a MFA candidate at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodies Poetics, a Slytherin and a Scorpio. He’s from Cincinnati where people put chocolate cinnamon chili on hot dogs, but he now lives in Denver, Colorado, where people smoke weed.